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CSR is a company of people dedicated to delivering best-value services and solutions based on innovative applications of science and technology.

  • We commit to exceeding our customers' expectations for quality, responsiveness, and professional excellence while delivering within the agreed price and schedule.
  • We maintain the highest standards of ethical behavior and professional integrity.
  • We employ people of exceptional creativity, expertise, and determination who work closely with one another and with our customers.
  • We pursue technical growth and market diversification to increase value for our customers and opportunity for our employees.
  • We motivate and reward outstanding performance through our employee ownership system.
  • We foster a working environment that encourages technical objectivity, professional and financial growth, and entrepreneurial freedom.


How we achieve our mission is as important as the mission itself.

Driven by Quality and Customer Satisfaction — We satisfy our customers by delivering services and products of consistently high quality within the agreed price and schedule. We also strive to exceed their expectations in terms of responsiveness and dedication. Key aspects of our quality focus include responding to customer appraisals of CSR's performance, conducting independent technical and management reviews, and continuously improving our business processes.

One of CSR's distinguishing characteristics is the depth of our focus on the customer's mission in the broadest context. We not only respond to current requirements, but we also anticipate emerging needs.

We are also distinguished by our ability to integrate our outstanding professionals and resources with the best talents and technologies available anywhere. These two characteristics will become even more important as customer requirements grow in complexity and scope.

Committed to the Highest Standards of Ethical Behavior and Professional Integrity — CSR, as a corporation, and our employees as individuals, commit to and are accountable for upholding the highest standards of ethical behavior and professional integrity.

We create an ethical working environment in which customers and employees are treated with fairness and respect. Our customers demand this as a matter of principle. Our employees expect it as an essential part of a productive workplace. Our shareholders require it because it is the proven way to protect and grow their investment.

CSR's comprehensive ethics program, which includes corporate oversight, employee training and accountability, participation in industry-wide initiatives, and formal processes for resolving conflicts and addressing ethics issues, helps us maintain our high standards.

Built by Excellent People and Team Effort — Our reputation for excellence has been earned by people of exceptional creativity, expertise, and determination, working closely with our customers and each other. Staffing for excellence will continue to be the foundation of our success.

CSR attracts and motivates recognized leaders in their fields and encourages them to build businesses and lead team efforts. We support these leaders with outstanding people of all types — technical, marketing, managerial, and administrative.

To serve our business objectives, we provide opportunities for our employees to improve their competencies and to grow professionally. We must also encourage new approaches to internal team building so that we bring the best talent within CSR to bear on our customers' requirements.


We, as Control Systems Research, Inc. employees, are dedicated to the delivery of quality scientific and technical products and services contributing to the security and well-being of our communities throughout the world. We believe high ethical standards are essential to the achievement of our individual and corporate goals. As such, we fully subscribe to the following commitments:

To our customers:

  • We shall place the highest priority on the quality, timeliness, and competitiveness of our products and services.
  • We shall pursue our objectives with a commitment to personal integrity and high professional standards.

To our fellow employees, present and prospective:

  • We shall promote an environment that encourages new ideas, high-quality work, and professional achievement.
  • We shall treat our fellow employees honestly and fairly; and we shall ensure equal opportunity for employment and advancement.
  • We shall share the rewards of success with those whose honest efforts contribute to that success.

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